Woohoo it’s finally time to take part in this amazing Readathon for all things romance and I’m kicking off with the most exciting TBR this year. First let’s go over the promps shall we?

My TBR eekkkk 🎉🎉

So yes the prompts…..

1) a book released in 2020

2) a book with an illustrated cover

3) a new to you romance author

4) a book with your favourite romance troop

5) a book with 5 words

The buddy read this year is If I Never Met You by Mhari McFarlane and this also covers a few of the promps but I choose books for each prompt so let’s see how I go. It’s super exciting though.

Follow my blog the next 7 days for updates on everything I read and reviews etc.


1st day of Summer 🌼 June 2020 reading Goals

Wow how did we get to not only half way through 2020 but also the first day of freakin’ Summer 😂😂

If your anything like me I love to begin new goals on a Monday so what better than today, have you made any reading goals for this month?

June 2020 Reading goals

1) My booktube channel launch

2) 3x buddy reads and 1 x Readathon to participate in this month

3) Ambitious TBR picked by my boyfriend this month, very excited for every single book so hoping to read 15 books this month.

4) Continue to blog here and make more use of Twitter feed and Instagram

So this month is definitely ambitious but I am more than happy to give it a go. Enjoying my reading more than ever now so why not set some optimistic goals ⭐️ also I am doing a book buying ban for the whole of June so let’s see how much I can save 📚📚

Enjoy your month and let me know your reading goals and what ur reading this month xx

📚 My Stephen King Journey

Some of my collection 😊

Hey there and a huge welcome to my blog.. Barbs Book Club 📚 I’m Barbara, 37 years old from Belfast in N Ireland, we are currently still in lockdown so just setting myself lots of reading goals and some challenges to see me through these rough weeks behind us and ahead of us.

One of the challenges I set myself after seeing lots of Stephen king fans chatting about it is the Stephen King Journey. Basically u buy, read and review all of his books in order of release so since the start of May I’ve been collecting and buying second hand copies and I’ve been lucky enough to b gifted some for my birthday last week as well so I’ve quite the collection already which I’m very proud of and can’t wait to start reading. So this is a little side challenge and I’ll b popping reviews on all the books as I read them here on my blog so follow my journey here… no idea how long it’s going to take but like all my reading challenges I just want to have fun and no pressure xx

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